Preview: The Vandal by White Heron Theatre Company

It was one of the top five most beautiful days of 2013. A killer June day on Nantucket. And under normal circumstances, I would have been outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and perhaps even taking an early summer swim. But instead, I went to see a reading of a new play, the Vandal. And I was glad I did. The Vandal has three characters. A young man, a woman and an older man. It’s a simple play due to its sparse set needs. But its text and characters are anything but simple. It builds, layer upon layer of intrigue and untruths, until all of the untruths reveal the real truth about these three people. I don’t want to spoil it. I just want to say, “Go.” See it. Enjoy it. The Vandal is playing this weekend in the main Dreamland Theater. I will be coming back to the island early on Friday to see the show and hang out with the cast afterwards. Please join me!

Show times:
Preview Thursday 3/27 7:30 pm
Opening Friday 3/28 7:30 pm
Performances Saturday 3/29 7:30
and Sunday 3/30 6:00
Preview $20.00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday $25.00
$5.00 discount to Dreamland and Arts Council Members!